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20 Ways to Increase Body Resistance Quickly and Naturally Immune System

20 Ways to Increase Body Resistance Quickly and Naturally Immune System

The day is getting hotter. You must feel right too? Either because of weather or climate factor has changed. Greenhouse effect happening on earth, more pollution and the ozone layer that protects the earth is getting thinner. This causes the sun's heat to be reflected back to Earth.

Because the weather is too hot also causes our body quickly feel tired, tired, and sleepy. Probably because of the dehydration factor also although we already drink a lot but the body also quickly lose fluids. If so we become less focused in completing the task or follow the lecture. We also so easily up to the flu because our immune system decreased.

Dense activities every day such as semester exams and pursued job targets require a strong body and strong stamina so you can quickly complete the task.

When you have a good body resistance, the body will also be protected from various physical and mental health problems. Nothing wrong with not taking care of health and doing prevention before illness? Strong immune system not only protects the body from germs or bacteria, strong body resistance can also protect the body when facing extreme weather such as extreme wind and heat.

For that you need to consume a variety of foods that contain lots of anti-oxidants and some activities that can increase your immune system. Not only physical but also mental. Because in a healthy body there is a strong soul so that you are ready to face various challenges.

What is so antioxidant why is it so important for the body? Which include antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can protect and repair the body cells damaged by free radicals. Many experts claim that cell damage can lead to chronic illness later such as cancer, vascular disorders, or arthritis. Free radicals can interfere with our body's defense system against disease.

Therefore, we need antioxidants to keep our immune system strong so that it can fight against flu virus and other germ infectious diseases.
Below are foods and activities that can increase the body's resistance quickly and naturally that I choose that is around us so that when your solid activities are not easy to get sick.

Drink plenty of water
Our body 70% consists of water so that if we lack fluids then the body will be susceptible to disease. With plenty of drinking water, it will help the body to get rid of toxins present in the body. Water deficiency to dehydration can also cause fatigue, headaches, migraines, and rapid stress.
When you meet the fluid requirement in your body will certainly boost your immunity against bacteria and viruses. So when you go outdoors do not forget to always bring water in a bottle ya buddy, so when you feel thirsty you can drink water immediately.
Make a habit of bringing this white water into your duty to do, while sedng at home always provide water at the near desk or your desk work so that the body fluids will always be awake. Usually we do not feel lazy to take a drink when we are focused nah prepare a drink near the desk or work to be the best solution. Do not want to lose it if on important occasion your sick even sick.
Keep in mind, drinking water does not have to water you can be interspersed with drinking juice, tea or drink what you like certainly sufficient.

Always provide fruits and vegetables at home
The best and healthful foods are fresh fruits and vegetables. Always provide fresh fruits and vegetables at home so you can consume every day. Fruits and vegetables contain important antioxidants that protect the body against disease. The best way to consume fruit and vegetables to get the best benefits is to consume it raw or cook it for a short time.
You already know not if consuming junkfood is not good for health? If yes breakfast with fruit and vegetables are not too complicated to prepare. In addition to healthy also does not make your body sick easily.

Why lemon? Many of the benefits you can get from lemon is one of them because lemons contain lots of vitamin C that can help the body fight various kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses.
By mengkosumsi lemon then the immune system will also increase quickly and also speed up healing if you are sick. For those of you who have stomach acid, you can consume lemon with hot water mixed. In addition to vitamin C other benefits of lemon is as natural detoxification.
Lemon juice can increase the level of urine in the body so it can indirectly help clean the toxins in the body through the urine. Getting used to drink warm water and lemon in the morning can also help the digestive process.

Well when I hit the flu I like to eat raw garlic, it feels good but eat garlic is potent to expel the flu quickly. Garlic turns out to contain a number of useful antioxidants in the immune system that quickly kill the flu-causing virus.
Garlic also contains allicin, which acts as an antiviral and anti-bacterial. This garlic will be very useful to stimulate the production of white blood cells in charge of fighting germs. Even if you are not able to swallow raw you can mix when making instant noodles or in soup. After you eat the symptoms of your flu or fever will be reduced.

Almost everyone likes chocolate. In addition to calm the mind was brown is one of the immune enhancer foods because chocolate is an antioxidant concentrate. This chocolate will be healthy as long as it keeps its sugar levels to a minimum, such as bitter chocolate and cocoa powder can work to improve immunity.
Research shows that eating chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease, help maintain cholesterol levels, and repair damaged blood vessels in diabetics. The simplest presentation: A cup of chocolate, with low-fat and low-fat milk. When you begin to feel no limbs or feel tired of drinking warm chocolate so you feel refreshed.

Spinach also works to increase endurance. Spinach contains high folate that can prevent damage to DNA and blood vessels so that the immune system will also be maintained. Spinach is also known as a super food because it is rich in nutrisis. Because spinach contains folate that helps your body produce new cells.
Spinach also contains fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, and more. Most spinach nutrients are obtained when the spinach is eaten raw or cooked for a while because cooking overcooked spinach will make you lose a variety of benefits.

Broccoli is fresh green will make your body fresh as well. These broccoli contain substances that can enhance the basic immunity of the body. A study shows, natural chemicals in broccoli help stimulate the immune system. Added more nutrients in it will protect your body from cell damage. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and glutathione are also widely present in broccoli.

Fruits whose flesh is red, and contain lots of water also have a high antioxidant and glutathione content. Glutathione can help strengthen the immune system so it can fight infections. Watermelon is also useful for boosting the immune system. Watermelon contains vitamin C which is very useful for boosting the immune system.
Although the content is not as much as vitamin C in citrus fruits, but vitamin C in watermelon is enough to meet the needs of vitamin C in the human body as well as to protect the body from free radicals. Watermelon fruit contains antioxidants with a very high amount that can protect the body from free radical attack. Antioxidants contained by watermelon fruit is a carotenoid.

Fish is no stranger to us. Moreover, our country there are so many waters like the sea and the lake. Do you know the fish you eat like salmon, tuna and mackerel contain Omega-3 fatty acids? This content works to boost immunity and help maintain fitness.
For that it is advisable to eat fish such as salmon at least twice a week, in addition to maintaining endurance, the important content in the fish function to provide protection against damage caused by infection.

Ginger has been used since ancient times as a traditional medicine that can warm the body other than that ginger is also very useful for our immune system and neutralize the existing toxins in the body. In general, ginger serves as a cleanser in the body, such as triggers the production of mucus to clear the lungs and respiratory tract. When tired of consuming ginger with brewed pake warm water then your body will be warm and free from fatigue.

Honey has a myriad of benefits that are good for our health. Sweet taste is also often mixed into food or drink as a sweetener. Benefits of honey other than as an antibiotic also serves as an antiseptic. Honey is very useful to boost immunity, in addition to the content contained in honey is very diverse, Honey can also overcome allergies, asthma, and also very good for maintaining skin health.
Consuming honey every day can maintain and increase your immune system so as not easily attacked by disease. If you are healthy then the activity will also be fun.

The type of mushrooms we encounter in the market are oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms have a clean white color and can be cooked directly. Now many already know that mushrooms have many benefits for the body. Mushrooms are a source of foods rich in vitamin D.
The new study shows that an increase in the amount of vitamin D in the body may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Potassium in the fungus also nourishes the heart and lowers blood pressure. Mushrooms not only provide anti-bacterial in the body, the fungus is also beneficial to boost the immune system by helping the body increase vitamin B-complex, vitamin A and vitamin C. Anti-oxidants protect cells and prevent cell damage that leads to cancer, Aging and other diseases.
Besides Mushroom nutritious increase body resistance to fight cold and cold even research shows that some types of mushrooms such as shitake, maitake and reishi, contain antibacterials that can function as anti-tumor.

Peanuts are the healthiest snacks to keep you busy. In addition to the taste of a savory peanut also has many benefits for the body.
Peanuts have long relied on vegetarians to replace meat rich in protein. Peanut is a type of nuts are widely used for various preparations of cakes, foods or vegetables.
It turns out its usefulness can destroy free radicals in the body because it also contains antioxidants. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that act as powerful antioxidants, such as omega 3, vitamin E, and zick. Studies show eating nuts can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Protein content in peanuts is much higher than meat, eggs and soya beans.

Besides peanuts are also rich in fats, contain high protein, iron, vitamin E and calcium, vitamin B complex and phosphorus, vitamin A and K, lecithin, choline and calcium are very useful for the body. So that peanuts are said to increase the body's resistance in preventing some diseases.

Strowberry and blueberry vitamin C and bioflavonoid contained in berry fruit is very good for antioxidants because it can prevent damage to cells in the body.

Drink yogurt regularly to keep the body awake. Yogurt is a processed drink of fermented milk containing lactobacillus which serves to boost the immune system against cancer and infection. It tastes a bit sour very fresh drunk in a cold state.
Another function of yogurt is to increase the number of white blood cells that work against infection. As a result, people who consume yogurt regularly tend to have a higher immune level. In essence, yogurt can increase your immune system against various diseases such as fever, irritable bowel, etc.

Probiotics or living strains are also found in yogurt, a good bacteria that is useful for keeping the intestines and the intestinal tract free of disease-causing germs. A study from the University of Vienna in Austria found that 7 ounces of yoghurt would boost immunity as effectively as supplements.

Breathe open air
If you already feel tired and crowded immediately look for open air. Open air has a lot of oxygen supply that can provide benefits to the body. The open air can also calm the mind and once calm you can continue to work.
Occasionally or once a week it's a good idea to refresh yourself in cool places like mountains, parks or places that are still dense with green trees to relieve stress after a week full of stressful routines. Exercising in open space is also one of the things that make you gain longevity.

Get enough sleep
Many assume that sleeping 7-8 hours will waste a productive time so that many workers or students nglembur nyampek morning and just sleep a few moments before return to activity. But without realizing that the habit is very harmful physical and mental.
Someone who lacks sleep will be faster emotionally and physically will be more susceptible to contracting the disease. While sleeping is a time to rejuvenate mind and body. Sleep can also reduce the risk of diseases such as flu because the hormone cortisol released during sleep can improve immune function against disease.

Consumption of lots of protein
Protein is important for the body, because the function of protein as a builder substance in the body. Lack of protein will certainly make our body becomes unstable if it is so certain the body will be vulnerable to various diseases. Some diseases that arise from lack of protein include hair loss, skin discoloration, long wounds healed, digestive problems, lack of fluids, damage to the liver and decreased endurance. What foods are the source of protein so that the body does not lack protein?
You can consume, nuts, eggs, cabbage and milk pepper one of the good protein sources because the amino acids contained in the protein can help form the cells that play a role in the immune system.

Exercise enough for a healthy body. The sentence is certainly just mere words. Because with exercise will make the metabolism in the body high. When the sweat poured it will be a lot of toxins released body. The jam sports will also make the body fresh and fit.
Doing regular and regular exercise can affect the hormones in the body that works to increase endurance so that if our immune system is good then the body will not be susceptible to disease. Blood circulation in the body especially blood flow to the brain will also be smooth so that the brain will also work more leverage.

Avoid stress
The weather is hot and the streets are stuck will certainly make us stress. This stress will also be harmful to health. When under stress the brain will trigger the release of the hormones adreanalin and cortisol. Adrenaline can elevate the heart rate and blood pressure, while cortisol can raise blood sugar.
This stress can damage the body's natural immune system designed to protect the body against various diseases. To avoid this stress you can perform various healthy activities such as light exercise. For example you can ride a liling complex or walk casually in the park or the edge of the rice fields. Activities that you lakkan it will make your body relax and can lower blood pressure and can relieve stress.

The 20 ways above are the things that many of us meet at home and easy to do. So for a healthy and free activity does not need to be complicated. Because many things that are around us provide many benefits for us. Along with an all-round lifestyle such as consuming junk food for breakfast is not good for long-term health.
From now on, switch to a healthier lifestyle. So that we can live the day and be more beautiful. Because life is easy!

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