Friday, 28 July 2017

This is The World’s Number One Amazing Food Against Heart Attack, Hypertension and Cholesterol

Cultivated since 6000 B.C, the date fruit is definitely one of the sweetest fruits known to mankind.  The fruit resembles plums and raisins, but it comes in many different varieties.

Many health experts claim that eating as little as a handful of dates daily is enough to support a balanced and healthy diet.  People eat dates in various ways, such as mixing the paste of the dates with bread, butter, milk, or yogurt.  This paste is highly beneficial for both children and adults, particularly during an illness.

If you were looking for potassium, copper, fiber, zinc, or folate, look no further. Dates have a robust nutritional profile, providing solid amounts of energy, fiber, sugar, minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium as well as vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K, niacin, and many more.

With this being said, it`s no wonder that date provide a wide plethora of health benefits.  From relieving anemia, intestinal disorders, constipation and heart problems to treating abdominal cancer, dates indeed seem to be the modern cure-all.

It turns out that Mother Nature has supplied us with so many potent natural remedies, and all we have to do is to take the right route.   Here are some of the top benefits of dates and reasons why it is considered the world`s #1 food against heart problems, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels!
This is The World’s Number One Amazing Food Against Heart Attack, Hypertension and Cholesterol

1. Promote Heart Health

Dates are extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping your heart healthy and strong. When soaked overnight, crushed in the morning, and then eaten, they work wonders for weak hearts.  They are also packed with potassium, a mineral which has been proven to lower the risk of stroke and similar heart-related problems.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

The potassium and magnesium content of dates helps regulate blood pressure levels in an all-natural way. Eat five or six dates daily to get the RDA of magnesium, improve your blood flow, and keep blood pressure levels in check.

3. Lower Cholesterol

Dates are recommended as healthy and tasty way to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol, which is known as the major cause of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks.  Hence, taking them at least twice weekly can dramatically improve the overall health of your health.

4. Stroke

As already discussed above, the potassium content in dates strengthens the nervous system and prevents strokes. For optimal prevention, aim at getting about 400 mg of potassium daily.

5. Diarrhea

Given that they are packed with potassium, dates are a good way of controlling diarrhea.  Being easy to digest, they help prevent and alleviate unpredictable nature of diarrhea. Ultimately, the fiber content promotes healthy function of the excretory system and relieves diarrhea.

6. Anemia

The high mineral content of dates is highly beneficial for many health conditions, but their extremely high iron level is deal for those suffering from anemia.

7. Constipation

By soaking a couple of dates overnight and consuming the sweet juice in the morning you get one of the most potent natural laxatives.

8. Weight Management

Dates should be a vital part of a healthy diet as they contain sugar, protein, and various essential vitamins. If consumed along with cucumber paste, they help keep weight at a normal, balanced level.

9. Abdominal Cancer:

Research has pointed towards dates being a legitimate way to reduce the risk and impact of abdominal cancer. They work as a useful tonic for all age groups, and in some cases, they work better than traditional medicines, and are natural, so they don’t have any negative side effects on the human body. They can be quickly and easily digested for a quick boost of energy.

10. Intoxication

Dates are commonly used as a remedy for alcoholic intoxication. They provide quick relief and have a sobering effect in case you feel as though have consumed an uncomfortable amount of alcohol. They can also be used the following morning to prevent severe hangovers. Again, they should be rubbed and soaked overnight for the best results.


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